How to Create Engaging Titles For Your Videos

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Shooting and editing an online video for your business is only the first step toward having a successful marketing video. To make sure that as many people as possible find and see your video, you have to choose a great title that is both persuasive and search engine optimized. Can you imagine reading a book without knowing what it was called? Or watching a movie without hearing its name? That’s how important the title of your video is. 

Here are just a few tips that we hope will help you create titles that are just as great as your videos: 

The title should describe the video 

Yes, you want your title to be catchy, intriguing, and even clever, but none of those issues should eclipse the most important goal: your video title should accurately describe your video. If it doesn’t, the viewer will feel tricked into watching it, if she even finds it in the first place. 

The title should include keywords

It pays to conduct a little keyword research before titling your video. Use online keyword tools, think about synonyms—and think about what potential customers and clients would likely type in when searching for your video. 

The title should entice the viewer to click

It is a mistake to make your video title a string of keywords; your title should also serve to encourage the person to click on your video and watch it. Don’t be afraid to be descriptive, edgy, or fun. 

The title should be short and sweet

Remember that when your video title appears in search results, only part of your title will appear if it is too long. When only half of your title appears, your readers may be confused or find it difficult to understand what your video concerns. 

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