How to Create Authentic Video Content

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These days, video content is king. It seems that everyone is working to create the most compelling video possible for their brand. But how do you make a video that’s authentic and engaging? 

Know Why You Are Creating A Video 

Good video content is planned and not treated as an afterthought. Consider where, when and how your video will be used, as well as what the purpose of the video is. Are you building brand awareness? Is it for education? When you know who will be watching it, what you want to accomplish and where it will be seen, you can customize it to fit the platform and your targeted audience.

Ensure Quality And Consistency 

Truly authentic video content relies on two things: quality and consistency. Without quality, you lose engagement from viewers who have come to expect high-quality content. Without consistency, you can’t create a long-term relationship with your audience. If you do have both of those things, the engagement will follow as long as you’re providing valuable content your audience wants to consume.

Be Strategic 

Make it a priority so that your video has a team focus. If you want to make more of anything, it has to be top of mind for everyone involved in making it. Identify the people who need to be involved, what you want the videos to accomplish, how often you want them to come out and what subjects you want to cover. Authentic and engaging should still be strategic.

Avoid Making It All About You 

So many brands forget that stories are always, at their core, about humans. Find the human element in your story and hone in on that. Video is such a powerful medium if you can nail the human part of the narrative.

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