Comparing your video options and how they affect pricing pt 1

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How much does it cost produce a video? This is a question we hear every day. The costs and quality of your video will vary depending on what’s involved in it and the number of professionals needed to complete your project.

For a small business, you have 3 options when producing video:

Yourself/intern/employee, Solo Videographer, Video Production Company

Let’s talk about the differences of each video production option and how the variables affect the cost and the quality.

More and more companies are using internal staff to produce videos. People have grown up with video and many play with video on the side. So, there’s a good chance someone on your team has the desire and maybe even the ability to produce your video.

Often, this approach meets the needs of the company, especially if it’s an internal training or they are trying video out for the first time. While it might appear you are saving money, this decision often comes at the cost of employee productivity. While professionals cost a lot more per hour to produce videos, they are faster and more efficient.

How about doing it yourself? Sometimes this is not a bad idea. The most common problem you run into is time. Do you have time to learn video production and still run your own business? You don’t want to fall into the trap of losing enthusiasm for your video by being too involved in the technicalities.

Solo Videographer

A good way to keep costs down but bump up your production value is to reach out to the independent videographer, often known as the one-man-band. This person does it all: shoot, edit (sometimes), graphics (maybe), etc.

Often, the lone videographer is excellent at some tasks like shooting or audio but might lack skills in editing or vice versa. That’s okay though. You are still going to get a quality product that you’re comfortable showing the general public.

The video might not be flashy but it’s going to serve its purpose. Usually, you’ll use an employee for the on-camera talent. You’ll stick to one location for the shoot. Graphics will be limited. But again, you will get a decent product.

Note: Limitations on Solo Videographers

Simply because they don’t have a team to back them up, solo videographers may not be capable of everything that you’d ideally like done to your video. It’s important to know where their strengths lie and if they have all the proficiencies needed for your project.

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