Top 5 Things to Remember When Editing Your Business Video

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Editing your business videos is no easy task; it can be difficult to balance professional information with entertaining content. When done correctly, however, corporate videos can be an incredibly useful tool for conveying information internally and to your target audiences.

1. Keep it Short

Your business video shouldn’t be more than a few minutes long. It’s an unfortunate reality, but in this age of visual content, the attention spans of audiences are incredibly short. Factor in the fact that corporate video tends to cover dull content and you have the recipe for an unwatchable video.

2. The Best Stuff Goes First

Your audience decides if they are going to watch a video within the first few seconds of playback. When it comes to a corporate video, a good first impression isn’t only important – it’s everything! If you don’t lead out with your best footage, concepts, or interviews you can bet your audience will check out.

3. Know the Demographic

Different demographics enjoy different types of video. For example, if you are shooting a video for executives at a Fortune 500 company you will likely have a more informative “no-frills” video. However, if you’re a brewery that’s creating a business video to showcase your new line of signature drinks, the style will likely be much more relaxed and inspirational. Whether your video will be seen by outside audiences or just in-house, a business video is an extension of the existing company brand, and thus should fall in line with the company’s established identity.

4. Design is VERY Important

In the editing process, it’s important to always feature great design in all your projects. This is especially true if you’re creating a video for a business. Great motion design tells the audience that your business values aesthetics and small details.

5. Music = Emotion

Music changes everything. Nothing has the power to harness the emotions in your video like music. Intelligent song selection can tell your audience to feel happy, sad, or inspired. When it comes to picking music, it’s best not to cut corners.

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