Comparing your video options and how they affect pricing Pt 2

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How much does it cost produce a video? This is a question we hear every day. The costs and quality of your video will vary depending on what’s involved in it and the number of professionals needed to complete your project.

For a small business, you have 3 options when producing video:

Yourself/intern/employee, Solo Videographer, Video Production Company.

When production value is important, it’s time to reach out to a professional video production company. This usually happens when messaging is important, a strategy is required, and the final product needs to be visually appealing. The number of video professionals required to complete the project determines how much the video will cost. At a minimum, we’ll provide you a videographer, a producer/director and a sound engineer.

There are instances where one or two more people like an audio technician, makeup artist, editor or a lighting professional are included. This increases the quality and the budget. A video production company has experts who write scripts, develop the creative strategy, and ensure you have a high-end video you want to show the world. When producing videos for your business, you have multiple options. You simply need to take a look at your goals and resources.

Want to know what to budget for when working with us? Take a look at our pricing page to get a better understanding.

Still have a few questions about adding video to your marketing strategy? Schedule a Discovery Session to see how our talents can match your vision.

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