What are the Basic Concepts Around Business Video Scripts

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If you’re thinking about developing a brief marketing video to promote your product, you have to focus on writing a highly persuasive and compelling script. It’s a must to get the results you’re pursuing! 

Stick to the classic script structure

When you write the script, it’s important that you follow the classical structure used in the narrative: this is, start with a beginning, continue with the heart and lastly, an end. This is not a whim, it has its logic: if you do so, you will make your video more engaging, coherent and understandable. Also, if you follow this simple structure, you will find it easier to compose it.

In video production, we call these 3 stages: the what, the how and the why

Make it brief

Video length and engagement work together. The length your marketing video will affect the engagement you get from the viewers. So, your big challenge is to make a video that lasts long enough so as to give you enough time to deliver your key messages, while also keeping your viewers hooked till the end. Talking about scriptwriting, we can say that 160 written words represents one minute of video. So, if you want to produce a 90-second video, then you will need 240 written words in your script.  

Keep it simple and straightforward

It’s not necessary to explain everything in just 90 seconds — in fact, that would be a mistake! Just try to select the most important information based on your target audience’s needs and the goal of your video. Remember that, afterwards, you will have time to complement that information with other resources such as content marketing initiatives, sales calls, email marketing campaigns, and more.

Add a compelling Call To Action

When your viewers get to the end of your video they need to have a clear idea on what to do and what the next step is. To guide them in this sense, it’s vital to include a compelling call to action that helps them understand the direction they should take whether it is subscribing to a form, downloading an infographic, sharing the content on social media platforms, or any other. Make sure you include just one single CTA per video.

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