Top 3 Must Have Videos to Build Your Brand

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Video is so common now that you might not even notice the huge advantage it is for a business. We watch video at such an alarming rate that it’s just considered the norm. From Facebook to LinkedIn, we’re seeing video marketing continually grow, especially on the business side with branding videos. Soon, just having any video slapped on your website won’t be enough to help you stand out.

We understand that video isn’t for everybody, but the majority of your audience watches some form of video daily. We know the thought of creating videos can be overwhelming. When you’re trying to decide what areas of your business could benefit most from video’s helping hand, it can be difficult.

Even if you’re not ready to completely dive head first into the video marketing world, here are the 3 types of videos you should consider putting into your marketing plan.

Company Video

A company video is a great way to bring your products and services to life. Your target market can take a look inside the workings of the business but also provides you an opportunity to show your organization in action. No matter what sector, industry, or size of company you look at, businesses use corporate overview videos to elevate their profile and derive value from their marketing content.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, just ask us. As business owners, we are all too close to our own work to step back and take on the necessary point of view of an outsider. We’ve got quite a few videos under our belt and can help you come up with some ideas to get you started.

Branding Video

A well-honed founding story can help you connect with investors, employees, and consumers. A nameless, faceless corporation with no real purpose, no story, is not an inspiring place to be or buy from. Your company has a story to tell and your employees and executives know it best. This is where you share why you started your business, or why you believe in this product. As business owners we all saw a gap and opportunity in our respective industries and we went for it.

This is what inspires our audience. Get your best employees involved as well. Let them tell the world what inspires them at your business. Tell your customers what you’re all about and help position your company as a trusted and familiar organization. Seeing is believing!

Testimonial Video

What really captures viewers are the benefits you provide for customers and the problems you so smoothly solve. How do you share the results of your hard work with potential clients or customers? With a Video Testimonial. Quality video testimonials bypass the skepticism and immediately build trust, even with someone who has never heard of your business before. They can play a major role in establishing brand credibility, and compared to questionable plain-text testimonials, videos can establish a valuable connection with your consumers.

Written testimonials from Joe Smith on your website are one form – and are certainly better than nothing – but prospects are sometimes hesitant to believe them if they’re not from a known person at a known company.

There are more types of videos that will definitely help your marketing; product videos, explainer videos, social videos, how-to-videos, etc just to name a few. The three types mentioned is what we know are a MUST have in your marketing.

Still have a few questions about adding video to your marketing strategy? Schedule a Discovery Session to see how our talents can match your vision.

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