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Video marketing is the solution of marketing problems with the help of thematic videos. Such work is performed by a whole team of people, each member of which is responsible for a certain part of the process. All of this is needed for video for your business.

Introductory reviews, commercials, visual demonstration of how the product is used. This has benefits for the buyer, educational videos, interviews with experts on the topic, and so on. We then will have development of a full-fledged company video blog with various headings.

The main goal of video marketing is to engage the audience, attract its attention and build loyalty. And, of course, the sale of goods and services.

Do you know that:

– Half of consumers who watch product videos online say it helps them make more confident buying decisions.
– Research shows that 74% of users who watched a product instructional video subsequently bought it.
– People who watch videos stay on the site an average of two minutes longer. They 64% more likely to make a purchase.
– Video itself is 50 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google than traditional web pages.
– Company profile videos, product reviews, and how-to videos are a proven way to improve your search engine rankings. This increases the effectiveness of your business promotion campaigns.

What business needs video?

Video marketing is suitable for any business. Its important to find an approach and take into account the specifics. When releasing a series of commercials, it is recommended to observe regularity and variety (shoot several different types of content, alternating them). This will allow you to better understand the interests of the audience and use the most effective tools for promotion in the future.

Video Production: Agency or Freelancer?

Marketing is the work of professionals. Not the employee who agreed to do it for the payment of additional workload. They can be handled by a full-time marketer or a hired one – a freelancer or from an agency. How do they differ?

For filming a video, you can choose an agency where there are producers and designers. Or you can simply order shooting from a freelance videographer, and take care of the rest. Pros and cons of approaches.

Marketers from the agency run several projects at the same time, so they don’t dive headlong into any of them. But these are real professionals who can order a video and get it on time. Agencies value their reputation and do not make mistakes.

Pros and Cons

Advantages: professionalism and complete immersion in the field (many projects allow you to see all the chips in the field and use the most suitable ones). The agency is responsible and saves time for the company’s employees.
Disadvantages: “absent-mindedness” of attention to several projects; high price.

Freelancers usually work alone (if necessary, they collaborate with specialists from other fields, as here – with videographers, screenwriters, directors, etc.). Creating a video is not within their power, but if there is a person with the right experience and portfolio, this is a good one. option.

Advantages: low cost.
Disadvantages: the result does not depend on one person, but on the team that he will assemble – it is not a fact that he will work with professionals, and not with friends who need a side job.

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