The Misconception of Paid Ad Spend vs. Monthly Ad Management

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Businesses work hard to be seen online and get more customers. One big part of this is paid advertising. But many people mix up two important things: paid ad spend and ad management. We see this far too often. And it’s not just with the startups or newer entrepreneurs. We’ve seen 20 year business owners and seasoned marketers stumble on this. Let’s clear up this confusion to help you use your money wisely.

What is Paid Ad Spend?

Ad spend is the money you use to buy advertising space on websites like Google, Facebook, or Instagram (and now LinkedIn). This budget decides how often people see your ads and how many people click on them. Think of ad spend as the fuel that powers your ads.

If you spend a lot of money on ads, you can reach more people and maybe sell more products. But if you don’t plan well, even a lot of money can be wasted.

What is Ad Management?

Ad management is about planning and taking care of your ads. It includes:

  1. Planning: Deciding who should see your ads and where they should appear.
  2. Creating Ads: Making the ads, writing the text, and testing different versions to see which works best.
  3. Adjusting Bids and Budget: Changing how much you pay for ads based on how well they are doing.
  4. Monitoring Performance: Keeping an eye on how your ads are doing and making reports.
  5. Optimizing: Making changes to improve how well your ads work.

Ad management makes sure your ad spend is used wisely to get the best results.

Common Misunderstandings

1. More Money Means Better Paid Ad Results

Some people think that just spending more money on ads will always bring better results. But without good management, even a lot of money can be wasted.

2. Ad Management Isn’t Necessary

Some think they don’t need ad management. But without expert help, it’s hard to run successful ads. It’s like flying a plane without a pilot.

3. Automation Can Replace Humans

Automated tools can help manage ads, but they can’t replace human skills and experience. Humans can create better strategies and understand complex data.

4. Paid Ad Spend and Ad Management is the same (Most Common)

When reviewing the cost of building a campaign, most business owners confuse the ad management fee with the ad spend. They assume the management fee is for the ad spend or if they are paying for the ad spend, why should they pay for management. Let’s show you how they go hand in hand.

How Paid Ad Spend and Ad Management Work Together

  1. Smart Spending: Ad managers make sure your money is spent on the right ads and audience.
  2. Better Performance: Managers keep improving your ads to get the best results.
  3. Useful Reports: Managers provide reports to help you understand how well your ads are doing.
  4. Staying Updated: Managers stay updated with the latest trends and changes to keep your ads effective.

Real-Life Example

Imagine two businesses with the same paid ad budget:

Business A spends a lot on ads but doesn’t manage them well. Their ads are not targeted, and they don’t get many sales. They waste money.

Business B spends the same amount but has a good ad manager. The manager plans well, adjusts the ads, and tracks their performance. Business B gets more customers and better results.

How to Get the Best Results

  1. Set Goals: Decide what you want your ads to achieve, like getting more visitors or making more sales.
  2. Choose the Right Partner: Hire a good ad management agency or an experienced manager.
  3. Keep an Eye on Performance: Regularly check how your ads are doing and make changes if needed.
  4. Use Insights: Learn from the data to make better decisions for future ads.


Thinking that spending more money on ads will always work is a mistake. Ad management is very important to make sure your ad budget is used well. By understanding the difference between ad spend and ad management, businesses can make smarter choices and get better results from their ads.

Investing in good ad management is not just nice to have; it’s necessary for success. By clearing up these misunderstandings, businesses can use their money better and achieve their marketing goals.

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