One of the most effective things you won’t do…

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First off, very few of the larger companies have the resources to consistently respond in such a manner, that’s your advantage!


Follow-up emails and calls, are your way of showing that you’re putting in more effort than everyone else.

Don’t feel bad about sending multiple follow-up emails either, especially if you’re passionate about the thing you’re emailing someone about.

Most of us who do send a follow up email only send one. We often think they’re either not interested, or we’re becoming a nuisance.

People, business owners especially, are very very busy. You’ve done it several times yourself. Missed the initial email, or saw it, and thought you’d return to it later, only to forget it about it some days later.

I’ve had this way of thinking about not following up in the past, and I am slowly shaking that bad habit. Here are a few of our clients and partners that required a few follow ups before we had the privilege of creating some pretty awesome videos for them.

If you don’t follow up, you are demonstrating you don’t care about the work.

TC Productions, LLC is a client focused, results oriented video production company based out of Atlanta, GA. With the goal of creating relationships rather than customers, our clients understand we are involved from start to finish and beyond. TC Productions plays a pivotal role by capturing and creating the clientele’s vision with the utmost of professionalism. A unique aspect of TC Productions is that we are equipped with an educational background,  technical experience, and ingenuity that enables us to create professional videos at an affordable rate.

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