I’ve shot my video… now what?!

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As owner of TC Productions, LLC Professional video production company, I tend to get a lot of small business owners who are apprehensive about shooting videos. At first I thought the initial cost and shock of an actual well put video was the part that had them jittery about the idea. No, it was the actual application of their new polished product.

Who will see my video? Where would I post it? How soon will I see results? These are all the questions I receive and one by one I have to let them know, video is marketing.

It’s like when you first started your business. You didn’t just open up and hoped customers would eventually find you. You went out and marketed your socks off, same applies to video. You want potential customers to know who and where you are. You can do that through numerous ways, social medial, email marketing, key wording, sharing etc. You have to market your video the same way you marketed your business. Once it becomes an important part of your marketing, that’s how they’ll find you!

TC Productions, LLC is a client focused, results oriented video production company based out of Atlanta, GA. With the goal of creating relationships rather than customers, our clients understand we are involved from start to finish and beyond. TC Productions plays a pivotal role by capturing and creating the clientele’s vision with the utmost of professionalism. A unique aspect of TC Productions is that we are equipped with an educational background,  technical experience, and ingenuity that enables us to create professional videos at an affordable rate.

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