How to Properly Explain the Problem that you Solve To Your Clients

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Every single one of your prospective clients has a problem. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be coming to you to solve it. But when your branding or marketing is not properly communicating what problems your business can solve, potential customers can be confused about what you do and may even choose to move on to a business they know for sure can solve their problem.

Even worse, you may get confused potential customers that come to you with a problem that your business doesn’t even solve. Wasting both their time and yours. You can avoid all of this by ensuring your marketing is explaining the problem you solve.

So how do you properly explain the problem you solve? You can do this by assessing all of your services or products and deciding on what the essence of your business is. With a short video, you should be able to articulate what problem your business can solve. This will explain why someone should go to you to solve it.

You can also explain the problem you solve by using video testimonials with previous or current customers. They can talk about what their problem was, why they chose you to solve it, and how beneficial your service or product was in solving their problem. This will further clarify your expertise and benefit for potential clients. Testimonial videos will add a layer of relatability that they wouldn’t get from another type of marketing video.

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