How to Create a Compelling Testimonial Video

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Testimonial videos can help you a lot when it comes to building trust and informing your target audience about how good your product is.

Testimonial videos are the “push” your potential clients need to take that next step. Before making that key decision, customers tend to pay A LOT of attention to what their peers say. If you want to get real and lasting results, make sure you make a real video, with real people. You have to give it that special touch and make it pleasant, enjoyable, credible and human. You have to generate that identification between the viewer and what they are watching on the screen.

Prepare the questions with anticipation

This will help you to get the most of that instance and get all the information you need for developing a compelling video. Remember that the client is not a trained actor and is investing time to give you a hand, and it’s the only chance you have to have them in front of you. Preparing the questions and having a general idea of the main topics you’ll cover can also help you to “cross-examine” the interviewee.

Include key pain points

It will also be a good idea to include in the questions some key pain points your clients generally have. This will help you to generate that important connection we mentioned in bullet #1: the viewer needs to feel that they could be the one talking in front of the camera, and that that person is going through the same situation/problem/needs that they are going through. Give your client some time to elaborate on the answers It’s more important to have more information than what is needed than to lack information. Give your interviewee enough time to elaborate on every topic and expound on the experience they have with your product/brand. It is possible to create multiple videos from their answers if you give them time to expound on their experience with your company.

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