Why are Corporate Videos needed in the Business World?

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Everyone likes to consume information in different ways. 

While some people enjoy reading written text on things such as your company’s blog, others react better to visual cues like the ones found in videos.  In fact, according to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text.

They are excellent marketing strategies. 

As a marketing strategy for your company, a corporate video can be indexed by Google. This could help boost your company’s website traffic tremendously and convert more viewers into customers. 

Videos are easy to share. 

Sharing online or through a company wide email account, corporate videos can be shared by customers and employees quickly and easily so it is viewed by the most people possible.

Corporate videos are designed to be exciting ways to deliver otherwise boring or long-winded information that would lose traction with an audience if delivered as a speech or presentation.  Unfortunately, most companies do not have the experience or resources that top corporate video companies do and end up carrying that same unpolished experience right into their video.

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