Video Branding Best Practices for Small Business Owners

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If you’re looking to establish the foundation of your small business brand, creating video content is a great place to start. Especially if you’re launching a new company, video is a fantastic medium for informing your audience about what you’re doing and how your business can benefit them. You can include these videos on your website, in emails, and on social media pages. Plus, it’s easy for interested customers to share videos with friends and family, spreading brand awareness far and wide! Check out the following tips from TC Productions to learn how you can use video to start building your brand.

What is Branding and Why is it Important?

It’s an unfortunate reality in the business world that many startups neglect branding. Why? There’s just so much else to do! But branding is important for establishing your new business and attracting loyal customers who will shop from you again and again. Brand Purist explains that branding is vital to establishing the purpose of your business, demonstrating your credibility, attracting talent, and encouraging investors to get involved. Branding is far more than a logo. Your branding is the message you want to convey to consumers!

When to Hire a Professional – or Learn a New Skill

If you’re new to branding, it pays to hire a professional. Get in touch with a brand consultant who can help you evaluate your target audience and build a brand that will resonate with them. Once you have a better idea of where your brand is heading, hire people to help you bring your brand to life. 

Alternatively, you could go back to school to learn some of the business and marketing skills you need to take your business to the next level. If you’re comfortable with computers and used to working independently, take a look at this list of business degrees you can pursue via the flexibility and affordability of online home learning.

DIY Brand Building with Video

Many elements of branding are easy to do yourself. If you’re on a tight budget and looking to tackle branding on your own, take advantage of affordable online tools. For example, you can use online graphic design tools to establish the visual identity of your business. Consider creating an eye-catching banner to showcase your brand on your social media pages. Banners are great for building brand awareness. Instead of hiring a graphic designer for this project, look for an online banner maker that offers pre-made templates and effortless customization.

Organizing Your Branding Materials Digitally

After using digital tools to create your branding elements, be sure to organize this content for easy access. You’ll want to share your brand assets with designers, video production companies, marketers, and other professionals involved in your brand development process. The easiest way to do this is to save your brand designs as shareable PDFs on your phone. The first step is converting the file to a PDF. Once you’ve done this, you can save PDFs on your iPhone for easy access on the go, whether or not you have a reliable wi-fi connection.

Reach Your Target Market with Video

Reaching the right audience with your branding video is essential. How do you know who to target with your branded content? And where can you find them? To determine who your target audience is, start by creating a customer persona. 99designs explains that a user persona is a made-up character that exhibits all the traits and behaviors of your ideal customer. Creating a customer persona will help you combine complex information about your customers into a single, easy-to-understand description of a single person.

Once you’ve designed your user persona, you should have a good idea of what they like, how they speak, and where they spend their time online. Use this information in the creation and promotion of your branding videos. 

Branding is an important part of establishing your startup. Producing branding videos makes it easy to get your brand in front of customers and let people know how you can make their lives better. Hire a brand consultant, use online tools to create your brand assets, save your branding content in easily accessible PDF files, and learn how to reach your target market. Good video branding will take your startup to new levels!
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