How to Leverage Video Content in your Sales and Marketing Strategy

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Creating video content is no longer an option —it’s a necessity. Consumers are demanding high quality video at an ever-increasing rate. If you haven’t started producing video yet, it’s time to start. Yes, making video takes time and money, but the returns far outweigh the costs.

What sets video apart from text-based pieces of content is its unmatched ability to produce valuable insights. Because video is streamed media, you can harness comprehensive data about your users’ behavior that you can’t get with only images and text. No longer are you limited to interpreting just page views and click-throughs.

With video, you can see if a user clicked play, how long they watched, if they skipped around, if there were parts they replayed, or if they watched it multiple times. Having access to this kind of data will help you better optimize and interpret the behaviors of those viewing your video content.

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