Kick off your 2023 Content Marketing Strategy

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Digital content creation has evolved over the years, with brands now exposed to more online marketing channels and methods through which to post content. With the evolution of content marketing there has also been a significant shift in the types of content that audiences now like to consume more of or engage with.

Most content marketing teams have to cater to content marketing plans. Those that suit different channels and workflows, to address a variety of needs and buying cycles. As content teams revisit their initial plans to prep for the new quarter and year, what can help?

Running a Content Audit for the Current Year

Content marketers today publish a host of content through the year. Mostly in the form of blog articles, social media posts, email marketing copy, podcasts/webinars, whitepapers, eBooks, videos and so much more.

Most of the time, key elements from these existing content assets can be repurposed and reused. Over a period of time they drive future content goals and traffic or interest back to your product or service.

Use your site metrics and performance data to understand what type of content and which ones performed well. Throughout the year will allow content marketers to use similar themes to drive future content initiatives. Giving them insights into what content from the current year can be reused.

To run a successful content audit, content marketers need to have a process. This helps them have a unified view into what content went live through the year and on what channels (blogs, podcasts, webinars, etc). How did these content assets perform through multiple marketing channels? Did the audience show interest via email or social media, for instance?

Aligning a Goal to Every Content Effort

Seasoned marketers push to have the right attribution model in place to help marketers better understand what’s working and what’s not working. At this stage, it is important for marketers and brands to understand what content efforts need to be measured effectively. For instance, blogs / email marketing. Versus which ones are currently at an early stage. For instance, a new brand podcast show and need to only run for brand presence without proving ROI.

Before setting a content marketing plan in place, attributing measurement metrics as well as knowing why certain channels or content types are being prioritized by assigning goals to them. Generating 20 MQLs through blogs allows marketers to follow a more comprehensive framework that is more ROI driven.

This process should also allow marketers to revisit whether they need to reduce or increase the number of content marketing channels they currently use.

Optimizing for the Current Market

Digital content marketing has evolved over the years. Used the right way, a lean team can drive a strong impact by optimizing what channels they use. Content they churn out and how they optimize it to suit current market trends and consumption patterns.

If your year’s audit suggests that users are more interested in interactive content like webinars, podcasts, then this is what should fuel the next content marketing strategy.

Users are more interested in content that is delivered as snippets and includes more tips and how-tos. This central theme is what content marketers can use to fuel near future content development plans.

Content marketers already have to create content to suit the habits of different audience tastes across multiple online channels.  Use the right data to optimize what to build and why while aligning it to current market conditions. These trends can allow marketers and content marketers to drive more impact for less.


Content Marketing is evolving everyday. With new online advertising trends and changing user habits, marketers have to constantly find ways to meet their target audience where they are at when they want to be engaged with. This involves a deeper understanding of content performance metrics. Implementation of intent signals to identify who is in-market for your product or service. And a strong commitment to brand and content uniformity.

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