How To Revive and Reopen Your Business Post-Pandemic

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Guest Post by Naomi Johnson

As COVID-19 begins to wane and it’s time to re-open your business, a cost-effective marketing plan can help you bring back existing customers, as well as attract new ones. The first step is to ensure your business is reopening in compliance with local, state, and national recommendations for safe commerce practices around COVID-19. These tips courtesy of TC Productions help you craft a winning approach.

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Reach Out To Current Customers

Existing clients should be the first people you reach out to when your business is reopening. Make an announcement on your site and through any e-mail or snail mail distribution lists you utilize. If you have customer phone numbers and enough manpower on hand, reach out to make personal connections and invite people back. Let your customers know you’re operational and describe any safety protocols you’ve put in place, as well as note any changes to your location or hours of operation. 

If budget permits, offer an incentive to get them through the door, like a two-for-one option or another perk that shows your appreciation for their business. Customer-focused effort can be especially beneficial for small and locally-owned businesses, particularly in close-knit communities.

Market To Customers Of Previous Competitors

The sad fact of the matter is, not all businesses are surviving COVID-19 shutdowns, and this means there are a number of customers looking for new service providers. Consider reaching out to former competitors and ask for referrals. Business owners who had to permanently shutter operations might be willing to negotiate a deal whereby they send their displaced customers to you for a small share of profits. 

Look for an incentive to get these new folks through the door, like bundling products or services. If you specialize in business-to-business work, look for ways to entice these customers as well. For example, while you might not be able to give a discount on an order, you can reasonably provide a link or profile on your website as a way to strengthen relationships.

Implement A Shoestring Marketing Approach

Use every no or low-cost marketing measure at your disposal to get your business back up and running. For example, launch a social media campaign, seek out referral business, and offer perks where you can and that don’t impact your budget. Reach out to local media providers to see if they’re offering discounted advertising rates. Their sales business has likely been impacted, as well, and they could be willing to make you a bargain deal. 

Also consider the advantage of getting out and supporting your local community with food drives, clothing donations, or the collection of school supplies for those in need. This hands-on approach benefits your neighbors and positions your company as a good corporate citizen. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the more ways you can find to stay in front of and in touch with your customers, the better.

Keep Your Finances In Order

In an uncertain economic climate, it’s more important than ever that you have a good understanding of your business’s financial situation, and can make educated and informed decisions about how best to utilize your resources. Consider using an online accounting service or a balance sheet template to help you track expenses, income, and sales revenue. Keeping close tabs on these numbers will help you make wise decisions that serve your business, like how to invest your advertising dollars without breaking the bank. It will also ensure your operations remain strong if another economic downturn occurs.

While some people may have less disposable income than they did pre-pandemic, the purchase of necessary products and services are still essential expenditures for both individuals and businesses. Make sure you’re pricing yourself competitively, keeping existing customers happy, and cultivating an expanded client base. Continually seek out opportunities to get the name of your company in front of the public, and consider the benefits of investing in a marketing agency to help you with your efforts.

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