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Video Well Done: Georgia Staffing Association hires TC Productions to Produce Documentary Video.

When Georgia Staffing Association wanted to produce a documentary video that showed the heart of who they are and what they’re really about, they contacted TC Productions. They wanted a documentary video that exhibited the greater story, the story beyond the staffing association that they are, and that highlighted all they do in the community.

They completely entrusted us to create an emotional documentary video, highlighting one of the numerous things they do within the community.  We hear lots of talk these days about the power of brand storytelling—and why it’s so critical for businesses and brands as we continue to rush forth in the digital age. But like so much of this other stuff that is discussed in the marketing and branding realm, storytelling has always been important. It has been the essence of the greatest and most successful communications since the beginning of man.
It can be daunting for a business owner to plan out a piece of brand storytelling – and yet it looks so easy when it is done right.
Another way to tell stories with video and a style our company excels in is to shoot in a documentary style. This can be a short documentary video or a series of true stories about something that would interest your audience.

Video Tip:

Documentary video can be very intriguing, and it doesn’t have to involve a star. It can feature anyone who is involved in something of interest to your audience.
We’re here to make storytelling easier. Give us a call, we have a story to tell you. 678-744-3908

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