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It’s April already? We have one-quarter already in the books. What have you learned from it to make your business/brand better? At TC Productions, we always do a review after each quarter just to see where we’re at. With an array of free data services it wouldn’t be wise to ignore it.  With Google Analytics, we’ve learned how our audience are viewing our website. We see that most of our corporate audience stay on the website for about 2:25. Our opening video is a minute long so we know that they are watching it. This data lets us understand the flow that our audience goes through. The landing page, services page, business video page, and the contact us page, in that order. So this quarter we will focus on removing two of those clicks and redirect our corporate audience straight to the business video page. Less clicks equals more money.  Doing another quarterly research we learned our target clients’ pain points. Our data shows that these are our audience’s top pain points; Website Sucks,Nobody understands who they are or what they do, Needing to reach more people, Online Marketing/Being Digitally Visible and Showing Their Value. This quarter we will be producing viable solutions to those specific pain points.
Last letter I was telling you that I was being featured on Atlanta Business Radio. I had a blast on that show! Had a nice session talking about the company and video marketing. If you would like to hear it here is the audio log. If you have the time I would like for you to check out our testimonial page. Last quarter our clients have been saying some good things about us and we couldn’t be any happier! This is what we do every quarter, are you using data to better your business?

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